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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

When are you open?

Customer Service is open 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. The shipping department is closed on Sundays and holidays as no carriers provide service on those days. If you call and get an answering machine, that only means that  all of our customer service reps are on other lines. Mondays and holiday periods can get chaotic around here. Simply leave us a message and we will call you back and answer any questions you have. A few times a year, we will be closed on weekends due to staff training seminars, inventory, and buying shows. When that happens, a manager will check in and return any urgent calls. All other calls are returned the following Monday when we return....

Can I order over the phone?

No. Due to the large volume of orders we receive on a daily basis we prefer all orders to be placed online which is a secured site. A few reasons include....1. There tends to be be very few errors (transposed numbers) to shipments when placed this way. 2. The charge goes right through to your bank vs us having to call your bank and verify funds, account holder and get bank approval  (which can take a considerable amount of time depending on your bank), 3. When ordering online, you will have an online hard copy of the entire transaction which is not only peace of mind but makes exchanges and returns a much simpler process for all involved, 4. Express orders MUST be placed online due to time constraints and guaranteed arrival dates, 5. Language barriers  can make it next to impossible to get the correct information... 

This is an ONLINE website and to keep YOUR costs down, all of our resources need to be shipping orders.....Please feel free to email should you have a question that is NOT answered on this page, but please try to refrain from calling to place orders as it just slows the shipping process down....We receive hundreds of orders a day, many that are Express orders for funerals or last minute weddings and we do try our best to make sure these orders go out and will be received on time....Please do your part and use the secured shopping cart that is provided for your convenience....

What payments do you accept?

All orders must be placed on our secure website using only  US issued Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit cards. If you prefer to use Pay Pal, you will need to have a verified Pay Pal account with a confirmed shipping addfress on file. We do not accept personal or business checks. In rare instances, we will accept USPS issued money orders or bank issued  cashiers checks, please check with us first.

Is your shopping cart secure?

Yes, we use SSL or Secured Socket Layer certificate for your protection and ours as well! A good rule of thumb for any consumer to know is when your on any website, the url address will start with http. Now once you click checkout , the http then changes to https meaning it is secure. This rule also applies to banking etc where your information needs to be secure. If you dont see https when entering your private information, then you would not want to enter private information there.The SSL privides secure transmission of your private information as well as credit card details.

When will I be charged?

You are NOT charged until we are ready too ship your order. Then your credit card will be ran and we must wait for bank approval. Approval is automatic usually unless you have given us info that does not match the banks records. Then there WILL be delays until we can reach you and rectify the situation.

You changed my shipping total. Why?

The ONLY time we will physically change a shipping total is when you put in the incorrect amount. It is up to you to pick what kind of shipping. The shipping is based on your total amount of the order.. Should you try to "pull a sneaky" or just plain pick the wrong amount, we WILL adjust it to reflect the correct charge. Example: You pick 5.95 for a 100.00 order, your total WILL be changed to the correct amount. Please note, when you ordered, this was also stated in bold red letters before  your order was confirmed. And AGAIN it was stated in your confirmation email as soon as you ordered.

Can I come to your store and pick up my items?

No, We are ONLINE only. Since closing our store we are extraordinarily busy and do not have the manpower, time, or resources to handle in person walk-ins.

How long will it take to get my order?

Ground shipping is 10-14 business days. Priority shipping averages 2-4 business days. Express is guaranteed 2 business days from  the time it actually ships (not when you place your order). We do NOT do overnight shipping. Your order is processed on the day we receive if it is before 5:00 p.m. California time. It does not ship until the next business morning IF IT IS IN STOCK.(Made to order items can take up to 7 days as they are being made. Weekends do not count as shipping days. We ship many large orders a day and by the time your  order hits shipping we could be out of stock. If this happens, we get shipments every Monday and Friday and your item will ship the next day we get our shipment. So, yes, you may have to wait a few days before it leaves the wherehouse.This is unavoidable due to wedding season, Easter, dance recitals and even funerals..When it is our busy season, our manufacturers may also run out of fabric. Another delay can be when your bank will not verify funds or billing information. We have no control over that. And please remember Sundays and holidays, will add a day or so to delivery times. We ship all products through the USPS. Once an item leaves our shipping dept. we can only provide a delivery confirmation number and expected arrival date. It is then out of our hands. You will be able to track your delivery with the numbers we provide for you.

I called all weekend and got no answer?

You will find, about 6 times per year, we will be closed the entire weekend. This is because we are at merchandise tradeshows searching for the newest styles and colors,  holding staff training seminars or doing inventory. These events are unavoidable and a necessity. We are not ignoring you, we are just simply out of the office for the weekend due to business. While we apologize for the inconvenience, we do try to answer emails from whatever location we are at, so feel free to email.

I placed my order this morning and it still says pending 3 hours later even though I requested priority shipping? And my card has been charged? Your order is processed the day it is received. However all shipping and tracking labels are printed after our retail store closes, therefore your order will not be approved and show tracking numbers on your end until the following morning. All orders are processed manually, and then entered into the system.  And an approval comes solely from your bank. You must provide accurate details as we do verify every single order with the bank.

You charged me and I received my Shipping Confirmation number but the post office says they are still waiting for the package. It has been a week. Why has it not shipped?

It is shipped the same day your confirmation says it was. However, we use a delivery confirmation and not a tracking number...This number will only show when it was delivered and the address it was delivered too. Please keep in mind if you requested ground shipping, it will take on average 10-14 days depending on where you live and the time of year....Holidays have slower shipping times.Please do not call us because your ground package has not arrived  BEFORE 14 days. If you requested priority and it has been more than 4 days, PLEASE contact us so we too can keep an eye on the package...Although we are not responsible for sometimes slower shipping times through the common carriers, we like to keep an eye on the package if they do not arrive in a timely manner.

I found the suit/dress that I want, but I cant order the right size? That is because the size you need is most likely sold out. If an item sells out and cant be reordered within a week, we will delete the size from our inventory and readd it  when it is again in stock.

I dont understand how to measure for a suit? Will a 12 Month fit my 12 month old baby?

We have never seen your baby and do not know if he is big or little for his size. You must measure for the correct sizing and use our sizing guides.www.boyssuitsandtuxedos.com/sizes.html  If you are ordering a tuxedo, please use the BLUE size charts. If you are ordering a suit, please use the GREY size charts. To measure the OUTSEAM, you measure from hip to ankle. An easy way to do this is to just take a pair of their pants, lay them flat and measure top to bottom..These outfits tend to be very generous in length so you may hem as needed (although they are all prehemmed). Do not be alarmed if the they seem long. Thats a benefit!   To measure the INSEAM, measure from crotch to ankle. Sleeve length is from the outer shoulder seam to wrist. It is your responsibility to measure and order the correct size. You may call and we can guide you through the measuring process. However, we can not be sure if you are measuring correctly; thus it is YOUR responsiblity as to which size you order...

What happens if I get my suit or dress and it doesn't fit? What if I need a different size?

As stated on our return policy, you may return an item that does not fit within 15 days of the postmarked date. It may NOT be washed, worn, or missing ANY tags..This means no smoke, no pet hair, etc. Returns MUST have all original packaging and shoe boxes must come back  as they were shipped to you--BRAND NEW (not crushed, taped etc.) You will be credited the amount plus tax, MINUS the shipping charges. Please remember you MUST include a copy of receipts that were in your box as we shred our records immediately for your protection. If we dont have the credit card info, we cant credit your account. Please remember if there is no copy of original paper work, you WILL be charged the restocking fee...If you need a different size, please call us and verify that we have your size in stock. You will be given the option of being recharged and shipped the correct size and your refund hinges on when we get your items back and all policies followed. Or you may simply send back the wrong size like the above with a note stating your preference in color or size and we will reship the correct item charging you only shipping and handling. 

What are the suits made of? All suits are made out of polyester

Can you send me a swatch so I can see colors?

Unfortunately no!  We are not the manufacturer and do not have material available to us....You may order an item and have the option of returning it for a full refund minus shipping and handling.....Another option is to send us a swatch of your colors with "Attn. Shipping Mgr" on the front of your envelope. Inside include your swatch and brief letter telling us that you want us to match the color for you and we will be glad to do so. While you will never have an exact match due to different manufacturers, we can tell you which is the closest match to items in our inventory at that time. Please include your phone number so we can contact you with our best choices.

Can you change shirt colors on the suits?

No, sorry. Our suits are packaged at the manufacturer and sold as you see them with a variation in possibly tie color.  If you need a different color shirt, we do offer different color dress shirts  as an additional option for your shopping convenience.

Do you carry husky sizes?

No, our suits do not come in husky sizes. However, if you have lots of time, sometimes we can accomodate special orders. You may call with measurements and colors and we wil try to help you...if we can..

I need to order my baby shoes and do not know what size to order?

Simply measure his foot with a tape measure or ruler and order the size you think: ) In the customer comments field, add your measurements and we will measure the size you ordered and will adjust either up or down depending on the childs measurement  for the best fit.

Do you carry wide shoes?


My childs shoe size is 26? Do you offer this size?

It sounds as though you may have European sized shoes. Because of different countries measurement systems, there is no exact conversion between the various international shoe sizes. Sizes in one system can fall between sizes in another and we only sell US sizes. It is your responsibility to convert sizes. Our only knowledge is in US sizing, which is why we ask you to put in your measurement from toe to heel. This is the only way to get shoes that are the closest fit for you.


My sister and I both ordered the same item but we got different brands and they dont match?

We use many different manufacturers. Even different shipments from the same manufacturer can have a different dye lot. If you are ordering for a wedding or an event that needs to match, they all need to be ordered together or at the very least, each individual order must list the "party name". An example would be...all orders say in  the comments field "Jones wedding". Otherwise we have no way of knowing and you may get different brands.....If they are not ordered in one bulk order, we cannot guarantee dye lot.

The color of your suit does not match the description?

Because everyones computer is different, what color you see on your computer, may be different than what your neighbor sees. It depends on your computers monitor resolution as well as your display resolution. And on top of that, the fact that browsers show colors differently also.  All pictures are taken with flash which means that it can make the color lighter than it actually is depending on the time of day it was taken. We do our best to show you the actual color as well as the description. Should you have any questions about the color simply email us and possibly we can explain the color to you.

I saw an item last week and really want it but now its gone? Thats because it is now sold out and deleted from our inventory.

I live in New York and have been calling all morning and keep getting an answering machine? Thats because we are in California and open during the hours of 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. OUR time. We will return your call as soon as we open. This is a physical store and from time to time you may possibly get an answering machine if we are busy with customers. Please leave a message as we WILL get back to you within the hour usually much sooner. You may always email us as we do check emails and orders every hour on the hour during business hours

Will you ship to Canada,or another country?

Yes, we do ship to Canada. Please use a US issued VISA credit card and the order must be shipped to the address the bank has on file for you..The prices posted for shipping are for US destinations only. Once we verify that that we can accept your credit card through our system, we will email you shipping prices and options. You  then must choose which price/time frame you prefer  We will NOT ship until you approve the price and method of shipping. International shipping is higher and the time frames are longer that what we have posted for US destinations. If you are in another country and wish to order, simply email us and we can provide other options for you to order...We are not set up to deal with International credit cards, customs, foreign currency, language barriers etc....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES DO NOT INCLUDE CUSTOMS, DUTY CHARGES,  VALUE ADDES TAXES AND GENERAL SERVICE TAXES .Orders that are shipped to countries outside of the U.S. may also be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such Import Fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Any additional charges for customs clearance etc. are the recipients responsibility. We have no control over these charges and cannot tell you what they may be. Customs policies vary from country to country.You should contact your local customs office for further information. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES AND HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HOW YOUR COUNTRY HANDLES THEIR MAIL. ALL DELIVERY DATES ARE APPROXIMATIONS ONLY.

What currency do you use?

We are a US company and thus only deal with US currency. We have no idea what your exchange rate is. If you are ordering from another country, it is YOUR responsibility to check with your own country on their exchange rate, custom fees, duties fees etc..

Can I order from another country and ship to an address in the USA?

We do NOT accept International credit cards. We will NOT ship to a country different than the billing address

I live outside of the US but would like you to ship to freight forwarder in the US. Can you do this?

We do not ship to freight forwarders. We do not accept International cards as our processor is not set up for that. We only ship to the billing address the bank has on file for you that we can  verify. 

Why is Express shipping so high? We are not the shipping company...We use the most inexpensive method for Express shipping that is guaranteed within 48 hours....Priority is much cheaper but is not guaranteed. Its your choice as to which method you need....

How do I get free shipping?

While we do offer at certain times of the year, discounted (US) shipping or even free (US) shipping, you must know  the "code". We will not give you codes as these codes are for marketing purposes and let us know which marketing areas work and which ones do not. At the present time, we are offering a free upgrade from Ground shipping  to Priority shipping if you find us on Facebook and become our fan. You can find us by searching WEAR ME OUT KIDS . You will need to use the code FACEBOOK in the customer comments section and we will check that you are indeed a fan to receive this upgrade. This is a limited time offer subject to change at any time.

Do I have to be home to get my package?

If you ordered Express shipping...YES!!! It MUST be signed for as it is guaranteed....If you ordered ground or priority shipping, it is the postmans discretion whether he leaves it on your porch, at a neighbors, or just leaves a pick up notice for you to retrieve at your local post office...We have no control over how your local post office handles mail....If you will not be home, call us and we can discuss other options.......

Where do I send back an exchange or return?

Wear Me Out

791 PRICE STREET # 167



Can I return an item after the 15 days period stated in the return policy?


What carriers do you use for shipping?

We only use USPS.COM

I have been waiting over 3 weeks for my order, when will it arrive?

As soon as your item leaves the shipping department, an email is sent to you with a tracking number. If you dont see one in your email, please check your spam folder. It is your reponsibility to track your order. The post office may leave the package in your mailbox, or leave a note for you to claim your item depending on your local postman. Every area is different, but  generally after 15 days , they normally will return the item to sender. It is YOUR responsibility to track/claim your package.  Once the item has left our facility, we can track it for you but YOU are the one that must claim it. We are not responsible for non claimed merchandise. Should the item be sent back to us, you will lose your shipping and handling charges and be recharged shipping and handling if it needs to be reshipped.  We copy and paste shipping information, so if you unintentionally give us an incorrect shipping address, you will be held responsible for the mistake. After your order was finalized, you were given instructions, to check your billing and shipping information and let us know right away if anything was incorrect.. Once the item leaves our warehouse, and an email is generated, no changes can be made.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, but you MUST have a resale number and be ordering at least  12 pieces of the same item. Any wholesale items purchased from us may NOT be used for online selling period!   It is at our discretion to whom we wholesale to. If you would like further details, please email us your business name, owner details, resale #, where you plan on selling items, and what items your interested in. If your approved for resale, we will email you back as soon as the forms are verified and you are approved. The 2012 wholesale rate will be less than you are accustomed to. Because of rising prices of transportation, goods and shipping,  we have kept our retail prices the same,  so as our retail customers do not incur the price increases that happen on a continual basis. If you order from us regularly, please do know that your typical wholesale discounts will be less and you will be notified before we process your order.

Can I get a catalog?

No, our inventory changes to rapidly .Our goal is to keep our costs as low as possible so we may pass on the savings to you our customer. 

Why did no one contact me that the item was not in stock?

If we have any kind of problem regarding your billing info, shipping info, or items out of stock , you WILL be notified via email or phone 3 times ONLY! We do try reaching you but after 3 attempts your order is canceled as we have 100s of orders and cant repeatedly keep contacting you with no response. It is up to you to return our phone messages and or answer our emails. Many times we find customers transpose numbers (and email address) when typing, or their mail goes to spam...Please give us correct information and check your spam folders....

What is a need by date and why do you ask for it?

We ask for a "need by date" as many people order ground shipping and want the item shipped across the US to arrive in two days etc.  Obviously, this is not going to happen (ground shipping is 10-14 business days) and we do TRY to alert you if we see that in the "need by date " field. Please keep in mind, we are extremely busy and we dont catch every single one and are NOT responsible if  you pick the incorrect shipping method..It is your responsibility to read the shipping policies for prices and time frames.. If we are our out of stock on  the item, it tells us how much time we have to get your item or let you know . If your need by date is in a month, we dont bother you as it will most likely ship within a week. If its going to be a  problem, we notify you and see what you would like to do.. 

The item I ordered says in stock but someone called and said its not available. Why?

When  you place your order, the item may well be in stock. However, orders must first be run through your bank for verification and approval, ( some banks are easier and faster  to deal with than others) From there they are sorted by priority status. Someone ahead of you may have ordered 30 pieces of the same item that NEEDS to be from the same dye lot or it may be for a funeral who needs EXPRESS shipping. All orders ship by priority from Express first, priority second and last is ground....This is why when we get to your order it could be out of stock and you may very well have to wait a few days for it to ship. In general our  shipments come in twice a week. Please keep that in mind when you pick your shipping method...And unfortunately, at busy times of the year, the manufacturer may even run out of fabric..We have no control over that.

What is the 25% restock fee and will I have to pay it?

The 25% restock fee is standard in the formal wear business for EXCHANGES only . Most formal wear companies will not allow you the opportunity to return items. Many of these items are special ordered and the companies we buy from do not allow us that priveledge either, nor will they allow exchanges. (That is how we keep our prices so low.) We however, do not charge this fee unless you do not follow our return guidelines. The items returned for credit must have paperwork, be within 15 days, all tags need to be on all items, not worn, dirty, pet hair, smoke smell etc.. And they  MUST come back as they were sent to you. If we get a box of wadded up items, you will be recharged this fee. as we have to steam them and repackage them. We do reserve the right to apply this fee if the policies are not met. We do charge this fee for any undeliverable, refused or misdirected shipments and any "made to order" items such as flower girl dresses, boys vests and any special orders whether it be an item not on our website or an order of 6 or more pieces. It is at our discretion whether or not  you will be charged this fee. Ninety percent of our customers are not charged this fee, but unfortunately there are some  people who return things in a disrespectful manner. Most formal wear companies do not even offer refunds, so with this policy we are being more than generous. We know our customers need to see colors and fabrics for their special occasions and we do believe you should be able to do so providing you follow the policies.

By ordering from www.boyssuitsandtuxedos.com, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the policies set forth on this website.  We make NO exceptions on Policies.